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“The Return of Jesus Christ” is a thought-provoking book that unveils hidden truths from God’s Word, offering profound insights into the future and inspiring readers to prepare for the second coming of Christ.



Founded 2023 by Author Charles E. Hill. What Christian Partners is all about. We believe God created us. He is our Heavenly Spiritual Father. Jesus Christ is our best friend, and all our Christian Partners are His best friend.

  • Anyone can become a Christian Partner if you’re a Christian or be willing to let Jesus become your best friend and you become His best friend. Jesus wants to be your best friend very much. It’s what He is here for.

  • Our Christian Partners support each other. Just like you support your Church It’s optional, you can receive our Christian Blessings which means God’s Blessings from right here. How it works: Order my must read new release “The Return Of Jesus Christ”.

  • You are now eligible to register for God’s letter to you at no cost, the Bible. It’s real nice and in large print. Our campaign is for all new students to have their personal copy. If already have personal copy partners support each other and receive benefits. Read below.

  • Our partners use some of their blessings to make sure relatives, friends know about my new release “The Return Of Jesus Christ” and God’s letter at no charge. Partners are recommened to order for relatives, friends, in hope those friends will also order for their relatives,friends. This Campaign movement tells what happens, brings new Christians to the righteous side.

  • Our system will let all partners receive Christian Benefits if you register. Think of it like giving a portion of your Church offering here to Jesus. For as little as $1.00 you can register to receive God’s Blessings with our Association. You regularly send in any offering Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Monthly. We place supporting partners under your name I.D. You receive Monthly Benefits. This is done with portion of your Benefits. It’s sowing, reaping harvest, Soon will be more than you sowed.

  • To order book, available in four formats see book page. To register for God’s letter, briefly tell about your plan. Write Charles E. Hill P.O.Box 54 Bamberg, S.C. 29003- 9998. Use this address to register for Blessings.

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Use our prayerline by E-mailing to us 50 words or less with contact infomation. Christian Partners will pray for your request. All prayers will be divided and delivered to partners when receiving God’s Blessings every month.

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